A Layman's Guide to the 'FreeZone'

Please note the ‘FreeZone’ has nothing to do with the Free Zone as defined by the Free Zone Decree.

This Guide is a work-in-progress.

The Free Zone, as originally made known by Captain ‘Bill’ Robertson, has been redefined in the ‘FreeZone’ as meaning something else entirely. That ‘something else’ can, at times, appear to be vague and misleading in both intent and in purposes. Listed below are a few individuals, and a few of the many organizations which they have created, clearly laid out for all to see. Please keep in mind that the ‘FreeZone’ is much, much different than the Free Zone as stated in the Free Zone Decree. The following are presented in no particular order.


Freie Zone e.V.

This organization, founded by seven individuals whose names remain a guarded secret, was originally created in the wake of Captain ‘Bill’ Robertson’s death, purportedly in 1991. It’s stated goal: “This association is an initiative by the supporters of philosophies of cognition. A philosophy of cognition deals with the change and development of persons through self-achieved cognitions.” Bernd Luebeck is the President of this registered ‘association’ in Germany.

RONs Org

RONs Org was originally created by Captain ‘Bill’ Robertson before his death in 19xx. As a delivery mechanism for Scientology processing, this organization today is both secretive and publicly uncommunicative. You will not hear about those in this ‘loosely organized’ group other than through a very few select individuals. RONs Orgs are closely tied with the Freie Zone e.V. association in Germany.

FreeZone International

A group which appears to be spearheaded by Ralph Hilton. It’s member list remains a secret as well as the businesses it represents. This organization also promotes Ralph’s ‘brand’ of Scientology as well as anonymous newsgroup posting instructions.

Free Zone Advanced Organisations International

This front group promotes the clearing businesses of Tommy Thompson and Ralph Hilton, among other unknown ‘clearing’ practitioners who have their own personal business. More recently, it seems that a rift occurred between Hilton and Thompson thereby moving this front group under the domain of Ralph Hilton.

United Free Zone Alliance

This group appears to be in control of the Freie Zone e.V. association. Members of this group are both secretive and uncommunicative about it’s intent and purpose.

International Advanced Church in Los Angeles

Another front for Tommy Thompson’s personal business.

International Church of Advanced Universal Spiritual Enlightenment (ICAUSE)

Another front for Tommy Thompson’s personal business.

Operating Thetan Advanced Orgs World Wide

Another front group for Tommy Thompson’s personal business.

FreeZone America (at the web site freezoneamerica.org)

Created by Mike Hunsaker after being dismissed as webmaster of FZA.ORG (Free Zone America) for using that site for personal gain, this site is another front for Tommy Thompson’s personal business. In order to avoid losing any potential market value from the loss of FZA.ORG, Mike created this ‘brand’ of Free Zone America.

Workgroup for Fundamental Spiritual Research and Mental Training

This is Heidrun Beer’s organization located in Austria.

-> Basically, there are three individuals at the top of the ‘FreeZone’ organizational pyramid. Bernd Lubeck, Ralph Hilton and more recently, Tommy Thompson. There are many more that work ‘in secret’.

FreeZone Fringe Organizations


Enid Vein, an advocate of ‘alternative’ clearing technologies and stated non-Scientologist, provides her own brand of ‘based on the works of’ Scientology.


Another ‘based on the works of’ organization.


Alan Walter created this front organization to pursue his brand of ‘based on the works of’ Scientology. Alan’s alterations include ‘accumulating personal power’, and ‘spiritual teammates’ which help an individual to get that personal ‘power’.


Another ‘based on the works of’ organization.

Internet News Groups


This is Homer Smith’s attempt at providing a place for ‘FreeZoners’ and the like. Scientology, in this newsgroup, is viewed as being incomplete and at times, unworkable. To resolves these issues alternative ‘based on the works of’ clearing ‘technologies’ are accepted and welcomed.


Here is where critics come to vent the issues that they have with the Church of Scientology. Contrary to the newsgroup’s name, the posters on this newsgroup are not interested in the religious aspect of Scientology other than to use it as a tool for the church’s destruction or self-aggrandizement

-> Other minor newsgroups exist which are basically ignored by ‘FreeZoners’ and non-‘FreeZoners’ alike.


Homer Smith

Long time proponent of alt.clearing.technology and off-beat practices, Homer hosts the Freie Zone e.V.’s web site. His connection to that, and other organizations, remain secretive.

Ralph Hilton

Prolific contributor to the alt.clearing.technology newsgroup, Ralph’s involvement with the various ‘FreeZone’ organizations remains secretive. Ralph’s personal business is promoted as being ‘standard’ Scientology processing and the selling and repairing of e-meters. He also functions as various roles in other ‘FreeZone’ businesses.

Tommy Thompson

Tommy has created a number of organizations, or ‘fronts’, in the pursuit of his personal business practice of delivering ‘standard’ Scientology. Tommy was influential in destroying the unbiased web site FZA.ORG under Mike Hunsaker’s stewardship. At last report, Tommy was conducting business out of the house of Ken Ogger aka “The Pilot”. Tommy’s quote of “The free zone is not what cbr said it was.” demonstrates the alteration so inherent in the ‘FreeZone’.

Heidrun Beer

Heidrun does not openly promote her clearing business other than through her web site and supports Alan Walter’s ‘brand’ of Scientology called Knowledgism.

Terril Park

Terril is a member of Tommy Thompson’s FreeZone Advanced Organization and frequently posts messages on alt.clearing.technology promoting that organization. Terril is also responsible for maintaining some of Tommy’s web sites and for making sure that those web sites achieve the best possible scoring on the various search engines.

Mike Hunsaker

Mike is the Dissemination Secretary of Tommy Thompson’s FreeZone Advanced Organization. As Dissemination Secretary his responsibility is to disseminate information on and about Tommy’s FZAO via Mike’s freezoneamerica.org web site (which contains unauthorized material from FZA.ORG).

Pat Krenick

Another member of Tommy Thompson’s FZAO organization. Her role is that of Justice Chief International.

Ray Krenick

Husband of Pat Krenick, he is also a member of Tommy’s FZAO.

Bob Hummel

Bob, as a member of Tommy Thompson’s FZAO uses various names and alias to carry out his duties under that organization. Last report has it that Bob is responsible for the buying and selling of various clearing technology books and tapes. Bob is currently stationed at an Army base in Germany and uses those facilities for carrying out his FZAO duties.

Alan Walter

Alan’s ‘clearing’ technology is accepted in the ‘FreeZone’ as a ‘based on the works of’ concept and he sometimes posts on the alt.clearing.technology newsgroup. His posts usually consist of attacks on others. He maintains a Knowledgism web site, mailing list and store front in Texas.

Enid Vein

As a spokesperson for her Dynamism, her appearance on the newsgroup alt.clearing.technology is accepted as being a part of the ‘FreeZone’.

Rey Robles

At one time Rey was a member of Tommy Thompson’s FZAO but removed himself due to unknown circumstances.

Marianne Hagen

As stated on the Freie Zone e.V.’s web site, Marianne is part of the RONs Org network.

Konchok Penday

Creator of the “Universal Clearing Process”, another ‘based on the works of’ Scientology off-shoot. Konchok’s real name remains unknown. Konchok is another prolific alt.clearing.technology contributor using that newsgroup to promote his own ‘brand’ of Scientology.

Robert Ducharme

Robert runs a clearing business via phone. On his ‘based on the works of’ clearing process, he audits over the phone while hold the cans of an e-meter.

Numerous other individuals

There are a number of other individuals who use various names and alias in creating support for both themselves and their off-beat practices. These individuals can be found on many of the discussion boards hosted on the various ‘FreeZone’ web sites.

cvWeb Sites


Tommy Thompson’s web site maintained by Terril Park.


‘Reverend’ Tommy Thompson’s International Church of Advanced Universal Spiritual Enlightenment web site.


Mike Hunsaker’s web site which promotes Tommy Thompson’s FZAOINT and ICAUSE.


Marianne Hagen’s web site promoting her clearing business.


Heidrun Beer’s site promoting her Workgroup for Fundamental Spiritual Research and Mental Training business.


Konchok Penday’s web site where ‘Scientology Sucks’ and his own brand of ‘based on the works of’ clearing technology is promoted. Konchok solicits ‘contributions’ via PayPal and appears not to publicly run a clearing business.


Another of Tommy Thompson’s web sites promoting his personal business. It is here that Tommy refers to himself as ‘Director’ and a ‘Reverend’.


This is Rey Robles’ web site as maintained by Fred Aborn, promoting his own clearing business.


Alan Walter’s web site promoting his idea of ‘Codes’, ‘Zones’ and ‘spiritual teammates’.

fzint.org (FreeZone International)

“This site was created for the purpose of providing information, resources and assistance to those interested in practicing clearing technologies outside of the Church of Scientology. The site is maintained by Ralph Hilton based on the content agreed upon by a group of Freezone practitioners.” Exactly who the participating practitioners are remains a secret as well as the businesses which ‘FreeZone International’ represents.


Ralph Hilton’s clearing business promotion site.


Another of Ralph Hilton’s sites promoting his own ‘brand’ of Scientology.


Tommy Thompson’s International Church of Advanced Universal Spiritual Enlightenment. Another front site for his clearing business.


Another ‘based on the works of’ clearing group.

-> When individuals and the organizations they create cloud themselves in secrecy, then you can be sure that you will never know exactly what the truth is. Appearances in the ‘FreeZone’ continue to portray a reality that is both untruthful and deceptive. Buyer beware.

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