A Repeating Pattern

Repeating patterns create some interesting effects. Sometimes, they make you play the same tune over and over again. I find it amazing that there are actually people who enjoy this. Even the LTA - TTA scenario brings to light the inherent patterning that runs rampant in history. Patterns can sometimes ensure that the message sinks in. At other times, it can be used to break previously ingrained patterns. In fact, there are all sorts of uses for patterns. But why?

Why use a cyclical approach to getting someone's attention? Doesn't hypnosis work in the same way? Well, repeating patterns CAN put an individual to sleep, but that is a negative use.

Consider patterning to be similar to getting a question answered. The same question is repeated over and over again until an actual answer is given and fully arrives at the receipt point. I wonder how that relates to LTA?

What is the message, if any?

Throughout history, certain 'events' seem to repeatedly occur. Many times, the message is lost in the 'experience' of the event, but I wonder what exactly could be going on here.

Scientology auditing is a repeated attempt at getting the Being to the point of finally releasing all of the obstructions that it, itself, has placed before it. I just wonder why you can't go up to someone and say: "You are a Free Being." and be done with it.

Believe me, it's been tried by many people at many times in history, but the results are mostly the same. The Being remains fixated.

So what is the doctor to do?

Try and try again.

Do you see the relationship here?

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