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The End Of The Line

Lines are drawn everywhere. It seems everyone has their fair share of what is called “personal space” and when that space is violated, when the line has been crossed trouble ensues. But when the line is never crossed it just hangs there for all… 19 Jan 2010

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Scientology is quite the interesting subject. It not only contains pitfalls and deathtraps which were newly created by the taken-over church, but it also contains an absolutely wonderful array of tools, tips and techniques for one’s spiritual… 23 Apr 2009

The Free Zone Condition

The Free Zone does not concern itself with ideological thoughts and theories, of practices and procedures all undertaken in an effort to improve upon one’s condition in life. There is no concern for metering, lists and arc breaks all geared… 18 Jan 2008

Life, Before And After

I haven’t visited the wacky newsgroup alt.clearing.technology in a long, long time. I wouldn’t recommend the newsgroup _to anybody, but I was interested in reading the posts, if any, made by the few people that I know to be actual Scientologists. 15 Apr 2005

Scaring The Clearing Right Out Of You

One of the ways of getting the unwary to part with their currency is to scare ‘em to death. “You will never be free unless you get auditing. We can help you.”11 Apr 2005

Don't Ever Point

Secrets, especially in the so-called ‘spiritually-minded’ circles, always seem to eventually find their way to open ground. Just like gossip. Sooner or later, the things that you say and do, whether behind closed doors or not, come to be hung on… 27 Aug 2003

But It's Just A *Little* Lie...

Falsehoods, once introduced, have a way of becoming self-generating and self-perpetuating. As a matter of fact, it’s a requirement for the job of altering isness. The ‘FreeZone’ does this quite a bit by encouraging anonymity as well as… 01 May 2003


Let’s face it, the ‘FreeZone’ is just full of individuals who ENJOY going at each other constantly and consistently. The ‘FreeZone’ is a poor substitute for the Church of Scientology and the Church of Scientology itself is a poor substitute for… 10 Jan 2003

Hours In The Chair

I recently noticed the following extract, posted by Ralph Hilton to the Marcabian bulletin board called alt.clearing.technology: From: Ralph Hilton <ralph@fzint.org>Newsgroups: alt.clearing.technologySubject: Re: Ron on… 18 Nov 2002

'Independent What?'

Alan Walter says that he is part of the ‘Independent’ field. I wonder if what he really means to say is ‘Independent Scientology’. Of course, that could not be true because Alan Walter is not a Scientologist. How is this ascertained? Simple -… 28 Oct 2002

Fleecing The Flea Bound

“Fleas” are sometimes used as a reference to “BTs”, disembodied entities which are “attached”, in some way, to oneself. When these disembodied entities are brought under one’s control, they are called “spiritual teammates”. When they are… 17 Oct 2002

Auditing In The 'FreeZone'

Auditing in the ‘FreeZone’ as defined by Ralph Hilton, Tommy Thompson and several others, is a hit and miss affair. Would you trust your spiritual beingness to those who use false images and appearances in order to ‘sell’ you Scientology?… 08 Oct 2002

A Repeating Pattern

Repeating patterns create some interesting effects. Sometimes, they make you play the same tune over and over again. I find it amazing that there are actually people who enjoy this. Even the LTA - TTA scenario brings to light the inherent… 02 Oct 2002

The Ivory Tower

You may have heard the term before. It’s a place where someone sequesters themselves, (at their hands or another) so that they are unencumbered by outside influences and concerns. Why is it that someone would want to separate themselves from… 30 Sep 2002

The Basis For 'Messed Up Case'

You will see it no matter what type of clearing that is done. It happens in the Church of Scientology. It happened in the Free Zone. It happens with such-and-such and it even happens with so-and-so. The names of the auditor and the organization… 12 Jul 2001

Born Again

When we live, we die. When we die, we live. The cycle repeats itself and when the horses stop, we dizzily step off the platform and look back and say, “Wow! That was fun!.” We find enjoyment in the experience an so seek another. Auditing is like… 10 May 2001

Time Is Of The Essence

Revivification seems to be a well paying and wildly popular form of entertainment. That is not to say that benefits are not derived, but the extent of those benefits are severely limited. Entertainment is like that and has little longevity. The… 21 Aug 2000

Picture Perfect

Processing pictures leads to the state of “Clear”. Processing more pictures leads to the state of “Operating Thetan”. Processing even more pictures leads to the wonderful state of “Total Freedom”. Pictures are worth a thousand words and several… 17 Jul 2000

In The Order Of Things

Games, debate, discussion, or whatever label is attached to a post requires that we demand a response. More correctly, it would require that a predetermined effect be expected as a result. Otherwise, there would be no communication. Most… 17 Mar 2000

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