Scaring The Clearing Right Out Of You

One of the ways of getting the unwary to part with their currency is to scare 'em to death.

"You will never be free unless you get auditing. We can help you."

"Don't you want to do better in life? We can help..."

"Become OT! We are Masters of our craft, join us or be forever a slave."

"We run a closed list. You must believe in what we believe or you are one of 'them', an outsider."

I'm sure that everyone has heard quite of bit of this type of marketing hype, more appropriately called propaganda. And why not use this propaganda - it worked well for the Nazi's, it's working well for the corporate news channels, heck - it's even worked very well for "Scientology Incorporated", an umbrella term of commercial activity for you know what.

Creating fear has nothing to do with creating spiritual freedom. There is already more than enough fear to go around already, why capitalize on that? Why ADD TO the fear instead of TAKING IT AWAY?

Well, the reason we cannot take fear away is because we do not know how and those that do know how have no twisted logic behind what they are doing, they just do it. No currency involved, no 'exchange' written into the contract, no promises to uphold and no billion year contract to enforce.

That's the nice thing about truly having spiritual freedom, no thing is required in exchange. If one is free then free it is. But as for the rest, well, a credit card will do.

Imagine a place where one can come to terms with one's spirituality without being rooted in physical requirements. Monks have gone to great lengths in their attempts to shun it while others emphatically explain that those same physical requirements are a necessity which the aspirant MUST provide.

When one must push or convince another into an endeavor then that should tell you that something is askew. In some circles it's called creating a market while in others it's called destroying free will. You have no rights when it to comes marketing. If you think that you do try getting all that e-mail spam to stop through the use of your will power alone - right now. How about stopping all the junk mail that gets delivered by the US Post Office, Inc. Better yet, watch some television and pretend all the commercials you see don't exist and thereby exclaim your right of 'free will'.

Propaganda destroys free will unless one can correctly identify what propaganda is. And with free will one can simply turn it all off.

So the next time someone is reaching into your pocket with a handful of justifications casually explain to them that you already give to those who are needy and that all the promises in the world mean nothing when the act of giving comes from the heart. Those who make promises of your future have none for themselves. How then, can they promise you yours?

No 'church' is needed, no groups to hang out with to share like-minded thoughts and ideas, no school of thought to follow, no nothing. When the urge of spiritual freedom hits, nothing compares and nothing stands in it's way. Once the reality of being spiritually free hits home, our environment magically changes to align itself with that - all without any action on our part.

The way is clear. Why be afraid for it.1

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