Free Zone: A Definition And Explanation

Free Zone America defines the term "Free Zone" as:

"A ZONE, or area, where spiritual awareness may be pursued FREE of outside or disruptive forces."

This definition sounds nice but there is much more to it than may at first be seen by the eye. Being free of outside or disruptive forces can include those disruptive influences which can be found within one's own self. The definition, therefore, is applicable on both a macro level as well as a micro level. Our universe is nothing but ourselves and even though this small detail is completely forgotten in our haste of living life to it's fullest, it remains the basis upon which our urge toward survival depends.

Pursuing spiritual freedom in a place which is free of outside influences is the same as being in session. A session is a clearly defined section of space where one's spirituality is attended to without interference. Not even the auditor interferes.

Not even the auditor interferes.

This is very important as it applies to us in a very personal way. A "Free Zone" is a clearly defined section of space where one's spirituality is attended to without interference. Therefore, the Free Zone can be considered to be a session space where very specific goals, actions, consequences and the like, are carefully laid out and executed.

And so it is.

The Free Zone is but a small part of a much larger dance which the universe sways to. When one's house comes to order it can then be left behind and like all gradients, as things drop away we become that much more endowed with clarity of sight. This planet is but a baby step towards where it is that we are going.

Towards that end, we do not engage ourselves with earthly battles as these are always the effects and never the cause. Yes, at times intervention IS required but not overly so lest we become entrapped by our own solutions.

Freedom is not for the free and is always out of reach for the slave. In striving for one or the other we lose touch with ourselves as we yearn for the ideas and concepts in which we place our trust and faith. We are already free and yet we bind ourselves to the contrary. As a result of this the Free Zone fully acknowledges and fully validates the freedom inherent within us. This is the foundation upon which the Free Zone rests and brings about change.

Opening one's eyes to one's environment is called freedom. With sight, we are able to see. When we close our eyes in fright, we have no freedom. Guiding those who are blind to open their eyes and see requires that the darkness which is feared be kept at bay. From fear to courage to freedom the road we travel is clearly defined.

And so we keep the forces which seek to enslave us at bay while our ends are carried out. Whether these 'outside influences' come from without or from within matters not. We not only keep the wolves at bay but we openly show them to be the disruptive force that they are.

Here, they shall not feed.

Here, we are not afraid to open our eyes, no matter the fright we have imagined for ourselves. 'Inside' or 'outside' makes no difference as they are but one and the same anyway.

Here, you will be spiritually tested because what we think is the truth never is and we are not afraid to face our own thoughts, our own concepts, our own ideas of what is and is not. These three are never truths and can do no good but to keep us in our own deep, dark universe of hell.

Our time is always at hand. At each and every moment of our existence we define ourselves. Our definition is not derived from experience but from BEING.

Perhaps we can move on to defining exactly who or what we really are.

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