There are SO many promises made by the various 'native' groups on this planet who make promise after promise of a better 'life', a more 'prosperous' existence, a more 'powerful' influence over others. These long lists of propaganda, peddled in a carnivorous material world, very often succeed in devouring those who step forward to lay claim to the various titles of nobility which are purchased at great expense.

The urge to gather experience and through that experience to 'create' more experience is like giving a lollipop to a child. It is immediately and with great relish, quietly devoured. Yes, the individual is quietly devoured.

Through clever tricks and traps, smoke and mirrors, the black magician conjures up all sorts of images for the dis-believing and proceeds to overwhelm the senses and carry the experiencer on a joy ride not soon forgotten. But like all such nonsense, it becomes soon forgotten, lost in the haze of our yesterdays.

Luckily, the conjurer has a day job of being a Sustainer of Lies. The fun never ends and so too, 'power'. But this 'power', as it's foundation, requires the presence of others from which it can be parted. In this scenario of madness, 'power' is viewed as a means through which status is gained or lost. The more status one has, the greater their influence upon others, and vice-verse.

The one who places themselves above others is the one who is living the experience fantasy. Thoughts not only can rule other thoughts, but they can bind them and chain them to action or inaction. This has nothing to do with spiritual freedom and everything to do with continuing one's existence as a slave.

A slave requires 'power' to free themselves from a condition.

A slave can be an impoverish human, toiling all of it's life for a few scraps of food, or it can be a material elitist collecting power in order to rule others in the way that they 'should' be ruled.

A slave will use any excuse for it's condition as well as for the effects it wishes to produce upon others. No matter the demonstration or execution of the methods, a slave is a slave. They may use religion as a means, but they are not religious. They may use spiritual principals, but they are not spiritual. A slave seeks like-minded company while one who is spiritually free seeks nothing and in that nothingness has an inner certainty of self which goes well beyond ANY definition of power.

Spiritual freedom is not tied to material possessions, professorial knowledge of the universe, or to force of will. It relies on NONE of these things. It does not even rely upon a physical form. Freedom means exactly that - free in the domain called Existence. Complete and utter freedom. Considering that, why would one stoop so low as to barter in any type of conceptual 'power'?

Here at Free Zone America we do not, and never will, collect 'power' in any of it's manifestations. We do not use force, coercion of any kind, magical incantations, promises of some future acquisition, nothing. You are FREE to discover the spirituality that lies buried within you as you see fit. Not as 'we' see fit but as you see fit.

All that we can do is to continue doing what it is that we have been doing - pointing out various things to those who have an ear to hear and creating a sane space where one may look deep inside and discover that the truth does indeed lie within.

Don't be a slave to yourself. Stop keeping yourself from the greatness that is already there. Why give yourself to another to shape and mold as they see fit. That's not spiritual freedom, it's called stupidity and no matter how that stupidity is sugar coated, it's still there, right out in the open, for all to see.

Spiritual freedom cannot be bought or sold and anyone who says that it can is nothing less than a slave to their own thoughts, ideas and concepts.

There was a time when the waters upon this Earth were clear and clean. All that was required to drink it was to dip one's hand in it. That is our nature, clear and clean.

But that was not good enough for some. Becoming a slave to greed, they changed the water to become polluted, toxic. In order to drink it one must go through convoluted methods to purify it. Of course those methods were, and are, controlled responses to the willful degradation of the water quality. One cannot just drink water, one must now purchase it.

Why are we now willing to purchase water when our nature is already clear and clean. Who has foisted darkness upon our nature? Why have we so easily accepted it? Has it become easier to accept our misfortune than it is to accept our nature.

Truth cannot be denied but through our supreme efforts, we keep it at bay. All the physical treasures in the world cannot buy one's spiritual freedom. Isn't it funny that all the religions in the world claim that they have the answer and yet over the thousands of years of history nothing has changed? Man's darkness hasn't changed.

Perhaps it is now time to change, to recognize that we are our own solution, that we, not someone else, must take the responsibility and free ourselves from ourselves. Not to free ourselves from what our idea of freedom is for that route is nothing but another trap, but to actually, in fact, free ourselves from every thing.

Imagine that, being wholly and completely free.

I'd buy that for a dollar!

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