A Word On Spoilage

The 'freezone', as most by now know, is but a gang of roving nomads looking for a home. What they do to themselves has no interest here at FZA, but sometimes the repercussions do need to be pointed out.

When one looks for like-mindedness it is like looking for a shoe that fits. It feels comfortable and so we feel safe and secure.

It is also a mark of death.

When one feels safe and secure in like-mindedness then you can be sure that nothing will occur. It's like taking a tourist trip to the Great Pyramid. You see what everyone else sees.

I'd rather see what I see, not what someone points out to me and tells to look at. My truth is my truth.

It doesn't matter how this is applied, it is the same.

So when the 'freezone' turned rotten and became spoiled overnight, I left the bus. When nobility of status made it's way to FZA, with proclaimed crown jewels in their hands, I closed first the Forum and then the web site. Status means nothing to me.

After examining all the material the 'freezone' had produced I can honestly say that I would have been better off spending a day at the beach.

But when one does research and discovery one must be diligent in their efforts.

There is something for everyone in this Universe and if the 'freezone' holds the key to those who have an inclination for such I do not disparage them.

But not everyone wishes to feel comfortable nor secure. It takes great courage to face one's self, and by it's nature the 'freezone' appeals to the tourist crowd and not the rugged individualist.

The road to spiritual freedom is a unique, individual road. We are not all robots, cut from the same mold and expected to perform our duties in the expected manner.

We are life!

That's how I like life - fresh and unspoiled in a completely unsecure environment.

Man, what a trip!

Those tourists don't know what they're missing. But maybe they do. It would explain why they typically huddle around each other excitedly talking amongst themselves and pointing to the wild country with trepidation and fear as they munch on their pre-packaged dated snacks of dried fruit, smiling the social smile while inwardly being dead to the world.

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