Marcabian Newsgroup is a newsgroup by, and for, Marcabians. Even the Marcabians themselves don't like it and that should tell you something of the nature of that newsgroup.

Mostly, what you will find being discussed are egotistical ramblings and justifications, and then you will find like-minded individuals shoring each other up with 'me too' posts. Bank agreement seems to be the first requisite for posting on this newsgroup. The second requisite would be an iron skin. Expect to be ridiculed, blasted with vulgarities and to be hit with degradations.

There are a few prominent posters to and it is these same ones who are in disagreement with it's tone level - and yet are it's prime motivator. Therefor, it could be said that this newsgroup is their domain, while being actively denied. Confusion runs wide and deep on a.c.t.

Perhaps that is it's purpose: A meeting place where Marcabians can confuse themselves even further.

Through that confusion, the pleas for help are undeniable.

All I can offer, at this time, is the statement: Avoid

A self-imposed case condition of confusion is not a healthy ideal with which to live. In order to break free of confusion, or any other condition for that matter, is to avoid restimulating environments. The best way to get past one's own confusion is to avoid those who are already deeply immersed within it. It is then that the light of day begins to shine.

When that light begins to shine, it is at that point you may begin to realize that it is none other than you who are shining.

Walking into the Lion's den, whether by chance or by demand, doesn't mean that you have to stay there. To rectify the situation, simply walk back out the way you came. You will be the wiser for it.

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