Awakening Into Slumber

Feeling our way, we blindly stumble to and fro, ever searching for the way out. From the doom and gloom of our imagination, to the 'real world' efforts in which we undertake our desire of self expression, we find that it all comes up short. Nothing quite seems to fit.

Thoughts come and go and in the confusion we believe that we are wide awake, seeing all that is to be seen, knowing all that is to be known. There is nothing left to be experienced but what we create. We sleep peacefully, or so we think.

Dreaming, we act upon the effects and in so doing, we come to learn of the effects that ultimately make themselves known. Sooner or later, we begin to realize that what we are seeing is not reality.

Slowly, perhaps through efforts beyond our control, we being to open one eye to steal a furtive glance into the night to be sure of our safety. The darkness holds the key and as we gaze into our souls, we come to see of ourselves in others.

As we waken further, we come to see ourselves as being asleep, as if forever. How is it that awareness changes?

Creeping into the night, our dreams take shape and form and necessity requires the sight of both eyes. As we shake the sleep from our eyes, nothing makes sense and yet the inner feeling that cannot be denied stills us. We act upon our urges and set ourselves free to the degree of our own desire. Slumbering into the night is not the way to escape ourselves.

When the day finally dawns, Life reveals itself in all of it's splendor. It is good to be Alive.

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