Vector Management

I am making this post because of Jontu's excellent explanation about Markabian Vector Management. When I read that post I found it quite interesting, not only about the subject itself, but about how Markabian's view and address vectoring, as well. Markabian application of vectoring reflects their culture and their times - how interesting!

Here is another version of vectoring. I am going to keep this basic:

The Four Models of Vectoring

1. Opposition

This is the same as the Markabian 'Opposing Vector'. Overt counter intention. It sticks attention quite nicely but only on a lower level of encounter.

2. Parallel

Matches the opponent's intention and slowly introduces one's own. This technique relies on covert operations although overt applications work just as well. This does require quite a bit of investigation and analysis to work most effectively. Intelligence is only as valuable as it's demonstration.

3. Redirect (this is not the actual name, but close enough for now)

The introduction of outside intention on the opponent's lines. This technique does not rely on the assimilation of the opponent's intention lines.

4. Nothing.

No intention of any nature is applied.
All of these work especially well when used in conjunction with one another as well as gradiently.

The more complicated the vectoring, the more 'knowing how to know' is required.

As is hinted in Jontu's post, vectoring is a subject unto itself.
There is a w-i-d-e variance in it's use from pieces to Game Players.
It's a fun way to play!

~misiunas; Posted: 2001-11-29 09:30

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