We've Never Left Home

There is a joy in the living of life. There is a moment of unrequited love where life becomes accepted as it is for what it is. What finer moment could be endured or celebrated than this?

Going beyond our day-to-day mortality, there can be only one moment in which all of time stands still to await our command and purpose. Gathering the courage to expend ourselves, we find the moment of emptiness in which our dreams unfold and captivate our interest and intent. Where ever we seek, in whatever way we require it's demonstration, it all comes down to the center of the universe. Ourselves.

From the moment we decide 'to be', we become forever chained to our initial motion of thought. Why is it that from that moment forward, all that we do remains purely centered around the motion in which we capture our essence to deliver the final blow to our enemy. Life hangs in the balance henceforth.

Fire-walking as we do, there is nothing which disturbs the motion, no deviations from the step ahead, no sideways glance to distract our attention. We move full steam ahead to embrace the vastness of ourselves. There are no others.

Entering the lion's den, we prepare ourselves for battle and come to know of defeat and victory. To the spoils we barely take notice as our gaze continues to wander. Controlling ourselves, we resist ourselves. There is nothing else to be, but what has already been set into motion. The tides never turn.

Washing over Life, we expand to encompass Eternity and realize that the secrets of the universe are never found unless we put them there first. Finding is creating.

Embracing ourselves, we resist and come to plead another's cause. There is room enough for all.

On the way to creation, some never make it. Where some are meant to succeed, others are not. Entwining ourselves, we lose ourselves and sorting all the ends justifies the means. Or so it is conceptualized. Awakening from the dream, we realize, and immediately sleep finds us once again. We've never left home.

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