Breaking The Vow Of Silence

Breaking the vow of Silence takes on new meaning when the power of conviction overwhelms the mind with reality. Muffled desire becomes unleashed and the chains in which we have taken solace begin to fall apart with disinterest. When we silence ourselves, we silence Life.

Through time and space our moment ever closes in upon us. Despite the words we hear to never mind, the Silence refuses to give way and so invades our quaint, humble abode. Disaster soon follows. When we wake, the sleeping prophets awaken as well relishing the new found company in which to keep the sacred treasures of Life and Living.

Unleashing the storm, peace becomes known and experience understood. In the time honored tradition of service, Silence is golden.

Turning the pages of eventuality, ever closer are the deeds exploited in which the plot thickens with interest. Chapter after chapter, the end becomes revealed. Bit by bit, our Mastery of Life forms and coalesces into the Fabric of perpetuity. The Books are many.

No one has made it out alive, and no one will. In the Death throes of our imagination, we are born again. And again. And again. Awakening from our slumber, the way is pointed and followed, each leading the next until the hands of time stand still for no one.

There is an end and a beginning to all that we do. In the Spirit of Play, we find our Joy, only to find it once again. Reinventing the Wheel, we move through time and arrive at our space. When it is your time, you will know your space.

Overcome with joy we dance anew each and every day, never tiring of the Sounds of Life or of our steps which seem to be beyond our control. There is movement upon the waters, and gazing at it's effects, we begin to see, and come to know of, ourselves.

Life is what we make of it. Living is how we do that.

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