Keeping It Going

Mind based processing requires a lot of effort. That's nothing unusual for this sort of thing, but sometimes, an added effort is needed to overcome certain inherent limitations in the system.

Processing without being face-to-face is certainly something that many people find to be 'different', to say the least. It creates a situation where the effects of processing can be diminished to the degree of uncomfortableness, but this is something which is quite easily overcome. What is the secret, you ask? It is the very same secret that is used to make auditing work in the first place - communication.

Processing can, and does, occur in total disregard to this secret, but it is something that I do not recommend to the average processor. The above is in regard to processing another not with a physical presence, but with an electronic one. It's called over-the-phone processing.

One auditor in the field was laughed at when he began to use this technique, but the importance of this option has become clear over time. It can and does work, but it will not work from a closed-preceptual standpoint. Nothing ever does.

Sessioning over the phone will require an extra dose of inquiry on the part of the auditor. The auditor must extend their perceptions beyond the comfortable face-to-face habitual patterns, and move their viewpoint to the other end of the phone. You see, phone sessions are an exercise that benefits both parties.

Tracking more closely what is occurring in the processee's universe requires that whatever process is currently being run be interrupted from time to time with questions such as "How is it going?", "Is there anything happening in your universe that should be communicated?", you get the idea. Format the question in whatever way you like, just stay in comm and keep the processee communicating.

Do this for a while and you will gain the ability to SEE the processee's universe and the impingement and resulting reactions of their thoughts. Thoughts rule the universe, you rule the thoughts.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste...

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