Lights In The Night Skies

There is a relay point in this system around which there is a constant hum of activity. Current events are making good use of this point and there is a fair amount of attention being directed toward the purpose of this relay point. Earth is buzzing with activity, news and constantly changing situations. It’s a ‘fluid’ situation. That in itself tends to draw all sorts of thetans because as every thetan knows, a good game is worth the find.

It’s an exciting time period for many, many reasons.

Just beyond Mars, a coalition has taken up residence and their arrival ‘coincidentally’ came at the same time as Halley’s jaunt through the skies. I wonder what they’ve been up to since their arrival?

One of the nice things about having backup forces is that they can be deployed in a moments notice and when this happens, it tends to stabilize a ‘fluid’ situation rather quickly. Believe me, these guys are no laughing matter. Like the American Express card - I never leave home without them.

One of the fascinating and wonderful things about OT levels of existences is that ‘things’ tend to ‘happen’ without planned effort, without a ‘big’ meeting to hash out who is doing what and when, and without the need of merit or reward. An OT is the dynamics in action.

Well, in this small corner of the universe, there seems to be a bit of action going on and I am glad for it. The action that I am talking about is freeing thetans. It’s happening quite a lot these days and not in the places one might expect. Actually, it IS expected, but that is half the fun.

Anyway, it’s fun to watch the activity, movement, plans, actions, intentions and motivations that are being brought into play by all the players. It’s like listening to an exquisite symphony playing just for me.

There are a few that I’ve noticed who are also enjoying the music. Ahhh, the greater the crowd, the more pleasing the effects! In a funny way, that is what all the hub bub is about - who can provide the most pleasing effects. As in most intriguing stories, there are twists and surprises that are brought to bear at the most unexpected moments and when that happens, one begins to take a look at ‘things’ in a new light.

Appearances are called appearances because, well, they are ‘appearances’.

Perhaps one day you will watch the fireworks in the sky and say to yourself, “You know, self. I wonder what it would be like to be the one to set them off.”

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