Facets Of Our Age

Past the minefields, beyond the edge of time, circumstances arrive to meet their maker. Giving life to the environment, it bends like the willow to ensure it’s survival, and returns to greet us again and again. Everlasting and fulfilling, it becomes all that is asked, and more. In return, all we need do is keep true to ourselves. Nothing more, nothing less.

Survival flies on the wings of destruction and in order to rise above our plight, we sink deeply into the soft earth of our grave. Breaking, we become redefined.

As we circle the prey, upon which we have granted life, we come to see of ourselves and reflect upon our nature. Drawing conclusions, we reveal just a bit more of ourselves to ourselves. There is no greater joke, than we, ourselves.

In the dynamic movement of the life in which we have drowned, greater deeds have never been recorded. As Masters, we come to recognize nothing less.

Breaking the vow of Silence, knowledge floats free. In the times and time of our awakening, nothing else exists. The movement upon the waters suddenly takes form and shape, arising with the new day. Life is the embodiment of enjoyment and shines anew.

Across time and space, the same message is revealed again and again. It is not the message, but the delivery. Facets of our Age come to be known in many unique ways. Which side is being revealed this time?

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