Balance, or Polarity?

In the time of lost good-byes, there comes a time and times when at the stroke of midnight, yet again the times change. Ultimately, the moment passes and becomes born anew in the between of here and the now. Escaping, fruition comes as if of it’s own accord and yet arrives with the fanfare befit royal importance. Where has the time gone?

Agreements are like that, they come and they go and just when the appearances become comfortable and welcome, the fanfare announces a new motion. Defining the future, we reveal ourselves and expose the skeletons, so lovingly cared for, in the closet. In the open, there is nothing to see.

When was the last time around where the drinks were purchased by others of repute and in our quest of self exploration we come to be no further than where it is we started. Striving for appearances, the gains remain as empty as our awareness. Nothing can stop us from covering our eyes with the blindness of our own creations.

Looking in the past, we see. Looking towards the future, we come to see. Remaining as we are, we exist and see nothing, yet all beckons our call. There is effort in understanding because when the clock strikes twelve, illusions are all that we are left with.

Each new day reveals the light of our perception and when that permeation becomes ‘real’, we awaken ourselves to take stock of our situation. Navigating uncharted waters requires a steady hand.

As we move upon the face of the planet, lost are the dreams of exactly who’s sandbox we are playing in. Sooner or later the caretaker becomes the caregiver and once again the sandbox becomes the focal point of the past and future. Travelling, it is sometimes best to leave our cares and woes behind.

Enjoyment becomes the right of passage into a reality beyond the curtain of ignorance. Unveiling the attraction, we come to find a portion of ourselves calling to us, “Come see, come see!”. How could we ever resist ourselves?

Now that we have completed the scale of identification, will justice require balance, or polarity?

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