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When The Tough Gets Going

It's true, we are all subject to the whims of the seasons, seemingly beyond the scope and depth of our control things happen and at times it can rub us the wrong way. Usually that happens at the most inappropriate of times and upon it's... 07 Feb 2024

Evaluating Evaluation

As the tumbleweed makes it's way across thick and thin the scenery adapts to it's adventurous spirit. Rolling and toiling, the aftermath seems but a shadow of what is to come. In repetition we tend to find solace, or so the tumbleweed proclaims... 23 Nov 2022

The Mask of Death

Lots of people seem to enjoy to rush of adrenaline when it comes to pretending. Seemingly in tune with the Universe all the while departing with 'grace' in order to create and sustain the image of want and desire. How silly the 'little' people... 01 Oct 2022

Threat Assessment

Behind the curtain of which Dorothy quizzically imagines lies the pulleys and strings which seem to control all that is perceived. Some like to believe that Man controls the realms of power as well as the Halls of Justice, so much so that... 29 Aug 2022

Harboring No Good Will

Nothing in this Universe is as it appears. As appearances go, the presentation is seriously lacking. Parlor tricks may provide entertainment but it's at a base level. Where are all the warm and fuzzies, have they gone? Looking about we find... 12 Aug 2022

Fury At The Thought

In the thought of being alive, death finds us. In the idea of existence our impermanence frightens us. In vastness of experience we find comfort in narrow mindedness. In the perplexing moment of being we take the rest of eternity to 'figure it... 08 May 2020

A Friendly Reminder

"Friends..., friends...., who needs friends..." says the mad scientist from Day of the Tentacle. I loved that game when it came out, probably one of the very few that I enjoyed. It didn't help that I spent quite a bit of time trying to get a... 24 May 2016

Southern Hospitality

A moment of pause, an evening of remembrance and a fist full of dollars. I know, it's a crazy, crazy world isn't it? With all the wagons circling, the trains running late and the runways blocked where oh where can he be? Living in a well of... 15 Sep 2015

Lights In The Night Skies

There is a relay point in this system around which there is a constant hum of activity. Current events are making good use of this point and there is a fair amount of attention being directed toward the purpose of this relay point. Earth is... 12 Dec 2001

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