Fury At The Thought

In the thought of being alive, death finds us. In the idea of existence our impermanence frightens us. In vastness of experience we find comfort in narrow mindedness. In the perplexing moment of being we take the rest of eternity to ‘figure it all out’ and so it is we who come to pass.

In the Hall of Mirrors it is said that one can see one’s entire existence. In the Library it is said that all the answers of the Universe can be had. It is said that in the Halls of Justice one can divine the future of responsibility. In the hopes of our dreams it is said that all things are possible.

There are so many places to visit and so many answers to be provided for but the one thing missing in them all is the ultimate key called understanding. Without it intelligence becomes like an empty peanut shell, looking good on the outside but devoid of meaning on the inside.

I love watching, especially politicians, give a ‘heart-warming’ speech while reading from a script. It’s so… real in a very ‘unreal’ way.

Appearances are so very important when one wishes to deny reality. Pointing with intent in order to waylay the unsuspecting, it becomes a moot point trying to bring it all back down to Earth1 - especially for the unsuspecting.

Don’t blame the thoughts running rampant through the mind of neglect, it’s completely innocent.

  1. So to speak. 

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