A Fancifull Tale

If birds sing does a tree fall in the forest.

Hearing the silence of nothing we tend to create something, anything. But why the compulsive urge to fill in the 'gaps'? To what ends are we rushing to when we fill our time and times with senseless drama and the scourge of the Universe called experience. I suppose in the microcosm of our reality television does indeed fill and fulfill a very real urge.

As we are empty vessels, we require full-filment.

I think I read that on some sales literature out of Beta-Carotine 9. I got it for 'free' when some religious group went door-to-door saving the skilunkess1 from those horrible and evil Men who always seem to be out and about causing one ruckus after another. I invited the duo, shaved heads and all, to examine the belief that when we try to convince another of our own thought patterns nothing good can come of it unless there's a fire in the theater. Getting someone else to eat our pie is a no-no, but getting them to eat our sh*t is something every righteous soul should do to another, right?

How can we be right if no one agrees with us?

I would say that when one predicates their being with an idea then that idea will stick with them for all eternity. We believe what we believe and no matter what, the beingness we take on must endure because, well, we made it. Are we not such a beautiful sight?

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then beauty is also skin deep. Some folks like to think that they come from the shallow end of the pool and so must spill their worth upon the Universe.

But me, I like to play along in the same way that I never leave footprints on the shores of life, the Universe, and everything. So says Arthur Dent.

Some fear the waking Beast while others embrace change. I say have it however you like, whatever floats yer boat. Just remember that after choosing, some nastiness called responsibility will come calling, extracting the appropriate pound of flesh even in the face of vehemently denial.

We all have our day.

I like to have the night too.

  1. Not whale-like. 

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