Spring Is In The Air

Rising above the mind of Man we see that intelligence tends to take a sitting position in the back seat of a thrill ride the likes of which has never before been seen or heard of. In this thrill the definition of 'alive' comes to the fore. Sometimes with a 'force' the likes of which is quite, quite familiar. Going down that road one would think that memory serves. Alas, in this disconnect most find comfort and well-being or at least that is what it says on the breakfast cereal box so packed with vitamins and nutrition previously destroyed through disinterest and outright neglect.

But who cares about all that right?

As long as we receive some type of life-giving experience, we become content as new-born slaves suckling the teat of despair. "Oh Master, please forgive our sins for we know not what we do."

Shaking my head I can only wonder why the driver purposely fails to recognize or even acknowledge the hazard signs along the road even though so many of them have flashing neon lights and the Trumpet of Thunder blaring from their horns. Asleep at the wheel, life carries us forward.

But is it life that is carrying us forward?

Responsibility comes at a price and since slaves are woefully inadequate at getting credit approval dire needs come first and foremost. We are all criminals when left to our own devices1.

Spring is in the air.

  1. Context is everything. 

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