In The Evening of Our Dreams

Some consider the evening to be a special time of day. Especially made for reflection it not only gives us hope for the coming dawn but also for what has been. In tumultuous times it pays to keep things in perspective while other times may be best suited for alternate measures in dealing with that great big, gi-normous1 thing called the Universe.

In between the space of things time simply does not exist.

Of course some like to create things out of thin air and call it 'something special' running it up the flag pole so all will bow down in humble desperation. I'm not one of those people but all things do come to pass because in time everything happens. It's true, boredom can set in but sometimes you just have to let the kids play awhile in order for certain things to come to pass.

I wouldn't always wait up for that fact to see the light of day but then again this isn't my playground. I'm just a visitor passing through like I always do, so if you don't see me getting all hot and bothered pretend that ignorance is sometimes the best policy. I do that a lot but don't let appearances fool you because behind the face of perception2 lies something quite different. Not everyone is up for that and even though I am quite unaccustomed to that silly notion it does not take away from the fact that reality has and always is right in front of you giving you quite the stare-down.

It's like looking down a smoking double-barrel shotgun. Has the consideration of the meaning of that smoke reached home yet or has it been once again lost in the mail. I know that mail service is fraught with hope and despair throughout the universe but one cannot always depend upon what others think, right?

Dawn is always just around the corner and never strikes such awe until the night has been endured. I shake my head in wonder at the endurance of some as if records must be broken through lengthy and involved trials of the heart but to each their own as we all have a choice.

It's called free will.

Maybe your tailor can tell you about it.3

  1. Gigantically enormous. Not really but that's the perception. 

  2. I'm referring to you. 

  3. I love that reference. Clothes make the Man, so-to-speak, and what better way to dress than to cloak one's self with someone else's definition. All the Kings horses and all King's men couldn't put that stupid idiot back together again, and again. Ya gotta want it. 

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