In The Beginning Was the Word...

There is always a beginning and there is always some sort of utterance made to the effect that Frankenstein, while laying prone on the cold hard steel and being subjected to exterior electrical impulses, proclaims, “I live!”. While that may serve the master well it is completely devoid of such effects here. My name is not Frank and my cup does not runneth over.

Sometimes my amusement comes from my own very weird proclivities. (Though tame in it’s description it comes pretty close.)

There once was a website here where various things and such came to be posted just for the heck of it. After a time, as is usual, things changed and so with a wave of my magic wand my memory was wiped clean with nothing left for Mr. Clean to do but go on television and proclaim, “I live!”. Since I don’t have the problem of running regular programming whether by deception, intention or conjugation this new version is something just a tad different.

And with that, I’ll leave the appropriate word to one’s own imagination.

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