Life Is To Be Lived

With all the talk about 'safety' and 'security' in order to 'keep people safe' is there any thought whatsoever of the context which this lies within. In a dangerous and dark society there becomes a 'need' for safety and security. In an open and honest society 'need' is not even contemplated. It's like night and day. On the one hand turmoil and insecurity become tantamount while on the other, confident self determinism rules the day. The society which has been so lovingly crafted for your own entertainment falls in the former while the latter suffers no interest whatsoever. In fact the latter is so severely inhibited that participants in this glorious testament to mankind gratefully embrace the wholesale doctrine of being 'taken care of'. These used to be called slaves, now they are called willing cattle who have no use for self determinism and in fact, reject it's tenets.

Along the way to the freezer, destined for consumption, cattle live a relatively humane existence - according to the breeders. Cattle barons do so enjoy their nourishment, coming fresh from the yard, field to fork. To mistreat their livelihood is not only counterintuitive but would set a bad example to those who step out of line. All are set for slaughter but it seems to make the sleeping souls happier to pretend otherwise.

Grazing upon meadow after meadow cattle roam and follow the path of least resistance to their fast food appetites. Goring, the stock breeds like rabbits just for the pleasure of entertaining themselves. Lacking direction, purpose or plan the herd wanders aimlessly both inside and out. Luckily for them the Baron sees fit to offer his grace.

It's never too late to pull one's head out of the sand, but for 'your own safety' perhaps you should let things lie. You know, until it all blows over. I'm sure there would be absolutely no effect upon you, none at all. The place you call 'home' would surely remain forever, warm and comforting as it is. One can only hope, but do you not realize that this has all happened only because you stuck your head in the sand in the first place?

Perhaps it's time to be that which you once were, again. Free to take and make your own flight across the vast openness of unencumbrance, of full-filling the joy which has been locked away in order to make way for the trickery and deceit of what is called safety and security. There never was and never will be such a thing as is called 'safety and security'. Only the fear-full entertain such silly notions for the brave, those who stand in self-determination, live with no such conjecture.

Life is be to lived, not hidden away from.

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