Grace From Heaven

Falling from Grace, do we then recover? Are we even able to do such? Perhaps it is in the falling that one finds redemption but there really is little use for recovering 'alcoholics' who need a nice and long path to the fields of a heaven firmly implanted, nurtured and revered with due regard to the imagined gods of demise. Could it be any plainer than that?

It's not about addiction. Well, maybe it is because some things seem to do the old loopy-loopy through time and space repeatedly, chanting the same old paradigm over and over again. If you think a scratched up vinyl record is annoying just try relating that to the spin cycle so lovingly endorsed by the few, the proud, the most definitely not, brave.

This isn't about a dark negativity bound for imposition but rather a laying on of hands, of lighting the way through the dark recesses already traveled, endured and unfortunately, accepted. Just because one's basis of understanding becomes a mockery of justice does not mean that the Universe changes to accommodate such silly notions of pride and the ensuing 'honor' of carrying the flame of destruction. We already know all that.

Bouncing through moments in time requires not only a rubber tube in order to stay afloat but also requires a sense of adventure. Going where no Man has gone before doesn't mean that no one else has already passed through. Don't kid yourself that pride ensures reality, it doesn't and despite the pronouncements of accepted agreements life does go on with or without you. Causing effect requires that one be an effect. Oh how the slavemasters belabor that point!

Anyway the point being made, this too shall pass.

Hunker down kids.

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