In The Day of Reckoning

Karma? If one believes in that sort of thing then it is very, very, and I quote, ‘real’. But that is not what this is about. Perhaps it is more than just a turn of the wheel, a spin of the dial or even a time loopy-de-loop on the roller coaster ride to hell and back - but even that requires a great deal of belief. That is what this must be about - belief.

in coming to terms with our own very unique and individual manner we can find that nothing seems to make sense, that the path no longer points the way for our doting selves to blindly follow step for preconceived step. But wouldn’t you know it, there is that belief yet again. It appears that our perceptual forays into the physical world with which we have firmly bound ourselves with does indeed come back to haunt our ever-lasting days. It must be one of those days where the twilight just never seems to end for no matter the length and breath of time we throw at it, it’s still there. And then in that tiny, minuscule moment where attention takes a flying leap in following the sheep down to doomsday, the twilight is just…. gone. Where oh where has the time gone as we jot but another note to self.

And then in the morning as we take refuge in the mirror of delight we sometimes haphazardly glance, even if but a moment so short it lingers not in the history books, we sometimes can barely take note of what we see amidst all those damn post-it notes proudly proclaiming their yellow streak of cowardly control. Maybe we should take a bit more time and care in the shower this time but we all know do we not that not all things come out in the wash - say for instance that thought which has us wagging our finger through the air demanding recompense by saying to ourselves, you buddy are going to have a fun time when the day of reckoning comes.

It’s funny how we can be so truth-full to ourselves all the while living the dream.

So, you want to flavor this with a dash of apocalyptic fervor do you? If so you are so far off you might as well make a mountain out of a mole hill of beliefs, opinions and fanciful thoughts all delivered straight to your doorstep by the ever so helpful help. I love the choreography but the play still sucks big time.

Anyway, the next time you are out looking please don’t be afraid to look out.

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