Places To Go and No One To See

Who or what is this thing called God.

God is dog spelled backwards. Spelling it sideways reveals "Oh My God!" Upside down it becomes 'bad dog!' Reversing it in the mirror of life and living it becomes lust, greed, power and the American way of life. Or is that the American dream?

Putting it in a sock drawer for safe keeping, it becomes the difference between right and wrong. Nailing it on a cross, it becomes man's interpretation of supplication. Hiding it behind prison bars, it comes to be known as that which we do not discus. Dressing it to meet modern fashion and style, it becomes a heightened example unattainable except through the use of credit cards, bank loans, fast cars and voluptuous women.

Putting it on a spike and proclaiming it's victory, it becomes a wrathful entity intent upon death and destruction. Embossing it's name upon glossy and sleek magazines, it becomes pornographic, lusting with desire. Yelling it from the rooftops, it becomes a clarion call for disruption. Lastly, intertwining it with conviction it becomes public education throwing self-knowledge to the four winds.

There are plenty more examples but I think you get the picture. Whatever imagery one comes up with not only misses the mark but defines one's own version of a personal reality incompatible with anything or anyone else. Being alone in the universe means there is no one else and so one can do as they please. In such a lonely state of existence one embraces 'survival' to its very core.

It's not all about you even though everything seems to point to such an interpretive reality.

There is no God. There is nothing but God. Uh-huh. Whatever...

When we are caught up in self-fulling our own desires the world doesn't become a 'better' place, it becomes our own nightmare. Playing 'God' we attempt to define what we think we do not know. The intensive pursuit of knowledge is nothing but priestly garbs looking for a way to rule a kingdom well beyond our control.

Where were you when the lights went out?

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