Red Alert! Red Alert!

"Help! I'm being overrun with zombies!"

In the land of non-living living there is a plethora of those who enjoy1 overwhelming the opposition with tales of woe. Maybe it's just my fate that almost all of those with whom I experience an encounter, whatever it is that I might have or even want to say becomes meaningless in the face of the deluge called 'me, me, me'.

It must be the kind of character I project2 since I do a lot of listening. On and on go the sorrowful tales. Sometimes the 'on and on' part even goes for years, etc. I'm okay with all that because I don't share the same needs that most people embrace as part and parcel of their personality or beingness. Sometimes though, especially after the same hordes of empty cuppers comes a-knocking with the same issues over and over and over again I conjure up the thought that maybe, just maybe I should go on vacation3. That perhaps it would be nice to actually be able to relate to another being which lacks the zombie initiative.

But how does one relate to that which has been bitten by the conviction of thought?

Seeing reality is not looking at reality in seemingly new and interesting ways. Seeing requires sight. Looking requires contemplation of thought. I don't think about the zombies at the door4, I see them down the street coming this way and in my typical compassionate way, will give them a tip 'o the hat and bid good day.

The rest is up to you.

I would like to request that the ancient tales of woe be retold in some new and interesting ways. Some can see the same repeating patterns and not be concerned in the least because attention is valuable in whatever form it arrives in. But since I have no interest in what is valuable and what is not that leaves me out in the cold5.

So, from that perspective it's freezing in here and though the door is barred and windows nailed shut the zombies seem to be overrunning the place. It's just a matter of time before they come in and take me. There are just too many of them! I am so afraid...

Red Alert!

"Red alert! Red alert!"

"This is a code red!"

"Help! I'm being overrun with zombies!"6

  1. 'Enjoy' as in really enjoy. 

  2. That's a good one because most people not only enjoy but are much more comfortable with their own idea of what is coming their way. 

  3. Either that or don't answer the door of opportunity. 

  4. And sometimes in the house. 

  5. At least that is the belief

  6. I find such entertainment in the strangest of places. Perhaps I should just put my attention on something else and make myself feel differently. I know, right. That is one crazy stupid-ass idea... 

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