Come On Baby Light My Fire

Sometimes the call goes out and through deafened ears the message received is nothing but background noise to which we ever-pleasantly ignore. Of course this has nothing to do with the point being made here at all. Receptions are a funny thing but that's because I seem to entertain myself endlessly.1 Others from time to time seem to share my beliefs but again, this has nothing to do with anything other than words being thrown upon the canvas of life and living much like those dreaded abstract2 artists who leave the foretelling to others while they walk away with a fist-full of cash. Isn't life so wonder-full?3

Tossing our lives into the garbage heap of junk what then are we left with? Protecting the family heritage seems to matter a great deal and so we tend to carry forward one thing or another in our quest of monopolizing the universe to our selfish endeavors. We matter4 - a great deal as our thoughts provide the ever-present peek behind the curtain of uncertainty. We can't help but give ourselves away.5

As another year comes to a close the only thing closing are the footsteps from the past, creeping upon us so as to be noticed. Since I notice nothing, of what use are the senses. Senselessly playing a chess game, it's not the end result which matters but the journey in arriving at the very exact moment where the spark catches a flame and everything, everything changes.6

The moment of becoming something entirely different is a wondrous sight to behold. It's not like I had or have anything to do with it. It just happens of it's own accord. Consider me just a ringside seater who gets there early enough to arrange the best seating so as to be there for that spectacular special event7 called you.

My eyes truly8 do adore you. It could never be any other way.9

  1. Yes, I have been around. 

  2. Throw some paint on a canvas and see what sticks. 

  3. See the reference for the first footnote. 

  4. Now there's something to consider, in a non-physical universe way of course. 

  5. For a change of pace, try a multiple choice response. 

  6. So why the long face? Trying to take the past with you is like trying to catch a train that has not only left the station long ago but has been retired from active service ages ago. Don't worry, this point of fact is being thrown in just for good measure, nothing else. 

  7. It's all I live for. 

  8. I hate that word, aka footnote 1. 

  9. Never has. Which makes a particular point all by it's self. See: Hey Santa! 

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