Twisted Paths, Serpentining Our Way

There is a lot happening these days. It could even be conjured that so much is happening, that the mind just cannot keep up. Not that it ever could but please don't tell the children that because killing the Tooth Fairy is not always a good thing - especially in front of the wife and kids. But never mind that right now.

We all find our way one way or another. Of course by the time we get there, right at the bitter end it does indeed become.... bitter. I suppose that the best methodology known to 'man' is to bury that sucker somewhere out in the boonies where no one could ever, ever find it. The skeletons in the closet thing... that is so, yesterday1. But never mind that right now.2

Sometimes our paths cross in a long, long line of crossings and we forget to wave and say hello, that it's nice to see you again. In our haste we sometimes have little use for bonds and connections because after all, we are all about the important work which we have graced our presence with. Bestowing pleasure the dog will give chase. I could say never mind that right now but I see you are too busy chasing to notice anyway so... never mind. Catch you on the rebound.3

Our time and attention are limited4 and so we must endure the pain and sorrow of keeping at arms length all those whom wish otherwise. Our marching orders define our existence and so we go on the hunt to find not only purpose and plan but ourselves. Never, ever look at the mirror.

It's all a lie of course.

Didn't anyone ever tell you that staying true to yourself ranks not only in the top ten but as number one on the charts? It's that important. Everything circles around you. You are, so that all else may be. It's a scary thought but thoughts are not exactly ranking anywhere close to the top ten are they?

I love living in the moment but since that moment, any moment has a life span so short it's been deemed as non-existent, I have to do it again and again. Who would ever want to get stuck in such a loop as that? It would be insane.

Time is such a waste.

But it does have it's advantages and for that, it makes some things quite fun as they tend to fall way off the board. You did not hear me say that and I am not here, I'm too busy making moments so that I may find existence5.

(Please see the disclaimer.6)

  1. I wanted to use the word 'passé' but couldn't remember how to spell it. Yup, I checked and that is how it's spelled so go ahead and insert that baby as a replacement. 

  2. I'm saying that because I like the swamp but maybe that's because my backyard, for a time, was exactly that. I know that can be interpreted in different ways but... never mind that right now. 

  3. Oh wait, I don't play that game do I? Sorry, I forgot

  4. There's a sucker born every minute. 

  5. Do you hear that... No, not that noise, the other noise... It's me shaking my head. 

  6. My telling of tales should be a reminder that the movement I create through words takes a particular path to a particular.... thing. Sometimes related, sometimes not. 

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