Status Report: 2020 Jan 11

An update every now and again seems appropriate for the times but don’t take my word for it. In a way this is more of a statement of facts than a status report but one can take it either way. It depends not just on what side of the fence you live on but what particular road you have chosen for yourself to traverse. But never mind that right now.

Recently there have been two conditions that have been met. These are quite important because they are not something that comes along on a regular or even timely basis. Noteworthy events require notes worthy of such.

In Movement

This is where no action is taken by anyone, where the breath is drawn in and held in the expectation of movement. It requires one to notice. It’s not about looking but seeing. All other actions are held in abeyance with guidance provided. It requires perception and if one is not in a place of seeing then the standing order is do nothing.1

Only those with understanding may move forward and even then there are but tentative moves in full acknowledgment and regard of movement.

Movement in the universe is a sight to be seen. It is spectacular. I wish there were words to convey the fullness of what I am referring to here.2


In this secondary3 proclamation it is understood that movement has occurred and the resulting effects are in progress. The pond’s rippling effects have been engaged and so be cautious as to one’s own movement so as to not prevent undue hazards along the way. The breath can be released cautiously and with full attention4.

Previous action plans may be re-engaged but must meet the requirements of movement.


That is all.5

  1. There should be an exclamation point on this sentence. 

  2. And what it means to defer

  3. Secondary only in relation to the previously described ‘decree’. Codices are fun are they not? 

  4. Instead of ‘and’ perhaps ‘but’ is more appropriate. I couldn’t decide so there it is. 

  5. Just to be clear, this has all been said and done already. Some liken the physical universe to molasses in January and in some respects it applies. But don’t let that fool you - at all. 

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