Like, Is and the Puppeteer

There is a very distinct difference for me between that which I like and that which is.

In the realm of like there are those things which I would prefer to be or not to be. Like for instance, I would like for there not to be a wall of separation between beings, from one to another. We all know that in finding and attaining our very own version of 'uniqueness' we set barriers and limitations so as to protect our hard fought war booty. After all, we are therefore all is. In that separation the bond of touch, from heart to heart, so to speak, becomes faint and elusive while bringing to the fore thoughts, opinions and the kitchen sink ensuring our center stage performance. Oh the horror! I might as well be to talking to a puppeteer's dream. I believe that even Pinocchio had it better. But alas, my likes tend to take me to far away places doing god knows what.

Anyway, another Insubstantiation of such ramblings takes the form of preferring that beings disremember the importance of a physicality which has by all means and methods gone amuck. I'm not saying the physical universe is not a great playground in which kids can play with their toys in a sandbox overflowing with possibilities, it most certainly is that and so much more but the possibilities I am referring to is that beyond the appearance of factor and form lies something else. Yeah, baby, that's the ticket!

For me it's such a shame to see possibilities become controlled, minimized and many times altogether dismissed! Wow. That old adage that we are what we eat can be no more appropriate that some chicken soup on a cold brutal winter's day while the nose is kept busy running off to high heaven. Ah-choo! Isn't the immediacy of belief overwhelmingly endearing?

I've given a couple small examples of that which I like but don't forget that on the other foot lies a shoe very much different. Well, it's not really very much different because shoes are shoes, do you know what I mean?

That which is comprises a much different marker set with which to color our world. In fact, this is so much so that it becomes a lie to utter such nonsense. You're probably not following me here but that is to be expected. As a being, not as you think of one but the actual existence of such is a far cry from that tissue box I discussed earlier, the movement of which trumps all petty endeavors though allowing for the expression of such. Kind of makes you wonder who is doing what here doesn't it? Before you find yourself bouncing too much off one wall and onto another let me tell you that in the whirlwind called you the only dichotomy there is, is that which you have come to embrace. You know, it's that like thingy I mention previously.

If your head isn't spinning yet congratulations! You have either overcome your own submission or have yet to come to terms with the strength of your own 'will'. Where's Luke of Skywalker fame when we need him?

I think that I am leaving you hanging here a bit but that is by purpose.

What I am really saying is that I feel your pain.

Engaging The Hyperdrive

Please read that last line again. No, not the title, the last line.

Sometimes I tell people that pain is but a reminder that the one who you think you are, is and has gone off the path or moved away from that which you really are. The one who becomes consumed by that pain is the very same one doing the high-beam balancing act and... losing.

That is not the complete picture of what I am saying here because there are other methods of employing such. Try and stay focused with that little bouncing ball on the screen as we sing along with the narrator who has suddenly turned the story into a musical interlude.

I can see why most people get lost when I speak my mind. I said that to make you feel more comfortable, did it work? I hoping not because I'm not one to speak my mind in the first place.

Before we get too far into the rabbit hole let's take a break and talk about what the word 'fun' means. How about a quote from the movie "State and Main".

"Everybody makes their own fun. If you don't make it yourself, it isn't fun. It's entertainment."

Isn't it about time that you made your own fun instead of sitting back in the comfy confines of your own laziness and watching other people have the fun which you have long since given up in order to contribute your own energy and attention to those who rule and by design control, every single little thing that you do?

It's true that you have freedom. What isn't told to you and so you disbelieve, is that your so-called freedom only exists in your mind. Imagining one's freedom is like putting up the first flag of conquest on Mount Everest declaring that you have achieved the impossible and are proudly proclaiming such. Only to find out that it came to you in a dream one night and it seemed so real, so real that it becomes a fact unhinged from reality. Yup, that's where we are today.

The only one who dreams of freedom is the one who has denied such to themselves. It's like having your cake and eating it too.

And then we come to that place where pain enters the picture.

Winded From Effort

I hope that you are not thinking nor entertaining yourself with the idea that physical pain somehow relates to all this. Well, you could say that pain is the prison bars of your mind engaging the physical universe so as to provide a suitable cattle drive with which the herd may find comfort and glee.

Yeah, it could be like that but I'm not much interested in those sorts of shenanigans. Remember that like thingy again? I'd like for there to be a reduction in the amount of exhilaration when it comes to the physical body and it's effect upon those around one. Are people really that shallow?

In a perfect word there would be perfection but who says that there isn't? Shall I bring into focus the high-beam balancing act again? It would be a good place to interject it but alas the end has been reached.

Once again I've most likely left you with a convoluted train of thoughts, ideas and directions. Consider it just another little sticker to put on the traveling suitcase. In the cycle of time and experience some vacationers reach their destination while the rest continue onward with their journeys, far into the night.

I kinda like that imagery because it provides a means of remembrance of where you are and what the hell it is that you're doing. Not really a 'remembrance' but of looking. As we rush to hail a taxi are we ever conscious of our footsteps in the ensuing frenzy of self-serving excitation?

If you can't ramp it down then why ramp it up in the first place? Sooner or later the drugs wear off and the bank, at an inopportune time of course, comes knocking on your door demanding payment. You will conform.

You can always change your mind of course. But that freedom isn't looked upon with any type of favor at all. That would make you not only dangerous but uncontrolled and uncontrollable.

Yippe ky-aye!

Lest you willfully take on the wrong impression it's not about doing whatever the hell you want - that's what gave you the 'problem' in the first place. It's about doing what's right all the while balancing the entirety of existence upon those big broad shoulders of yours called responsibility which clearly and unequivocally defines the context with which the idea of right and wrong is bound.

The pain we feel is that which we take upon ourselves. Hello? Anybody home?

And so I have ended right where this started, creating the definition first proposed.

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