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Racing To The Moon

We are all one. There is no God. On and on go the ways and means of those who wish to impart their version of wisdom upon our souls. In following, we can escape. It's all lunacy of course but there is nothing like a good story which captivates... 22 Mar 2024

Stopping In Time, Standing One's Ground

Time has a way of encapsulating us in it's tentacles of favor. As we peer beyond the horizon what there is to see has already been seen so we pretend that ignorance is a noble endeavor. Sightless, we peer into the 'darkness' unafraid of what may... 21 Oct 2023

There Is Something Out There

These all fall in the same category and are quite related so taking it literally would be a mistake. Preface: I've Been Waiting... 09 Feb 2023

The AI Pipe Dream

The trouble with so-called AI intelligence is that beingness is granted to a still-born object. Yes, rocks can come alive but behind the veil lies the intention. Making something sentient does not mean it is. One can pour one's entire... 20 Dec 2022

Places To Go and No One To See

Who or what is this thing called God. God is dog spelled backwards. Spelling it sideways reveals "Oh My God!" Upside down it becomes 'bad dog!' Reversing it in the mirror of life and living it becomes lust, greed, power and the American way of... 29 Oct 2015

May Your Journey Be Suitable To Your Tastes

For some it may come to trouble to comprehend what can be called 'Creation' - with a capital 'C'. In Man's understanding of self there is a huge gaping hole called the mind of Man and in this pit of despair lies all sorts of imaginings. In so... 07 Aug 2012

To Infinity... And Beyond

The Eighth Dynamic or Infinity is the highest Dynamic of Life and Living in the physical universe. This dynamic is quite an interesting one in that many Scientologists take it to mean that they become or evolve into God with a capital... 25 Mar 2008

The Life We Lead Is Not Our Own

Scurrying through life, where are the ever-lasting rewards which we so desperately seek through the use of the frivolous day-to-day activities we undertake to be of import. Therein lies the turmoil. The importance of activity reveals the... 21 Mar 2000

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