Stopping In Time, Standing One's Ground

Time has a way of encapsulating us in it's tentacles of favor. As we peer beyond the horizon what there is to see has already been seen so we pretend that ignorance is a noble endeavor. Sightless, we peer into the 'darkness' unafraid of what may or may not face us. Our footing is sure so what is there to be afraid of?

Gazing upon the lands of desire we partake of it's beauty and come away from a plethora of tourist's trinkets and traps. The path ahead they tell us, is easy and rewarding as our pockets become filled with sweet nothings. Embracing the sense of self we take refuge in the fact that our reflection is beauty made in form. It truly is amazing.

Stepping upon those who have come before us we ignore their noble gestures of consequence. We know it all as we have come from it all.

Subjecting ourselves to ignorance we believe anything and as we become nothing more than a trophy mount upon the walls of shame we somehow take comfort in the fact that we are not alone. The truth is that there is no truth.

In finding one thing or another we discard one thing thing or another. Something must be replaced with another because sleight-of-hand requires such. Are we not fools among ourselves and yet vociferously deny that our choices have consequence. Are we not the god of our God?

Dispelling the creation, we find lust and desire. There is comfort in expanding the consciousness to include tales of imagination. Wouldn't it be nice if...

In perpetuity we find purpose. Good thing the end of the line is that particular point where all things come to an end. Without it there would be no place to avoid at all costs.

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