Eventually It All Caves

Nothing lasts forever. You could say that our spiritual essence survives all but in illusion we made many, many serious mistakes. We tend to think that we are what we are in complete disregard to our origins. It becomes simply a matter of 'survival' to disregard the path to our glorious selves. Do we not relish the existence of our very nature?

In illusion, we become and yet we remain. There seems to be a lot of confusion on the subject but in contradiction we find substance. Is it not a great feeling to be alive!

Through persistence and glee we follow the footsteps of our predecessors expecting results to far surpass those who have come before us. Yes, we must build upon those who we have trampled underfoot and is so doing allow ourselves the true freedom we have always sought. Good luck with that.

As we circumvent reality we create an alternative universe in which to live and survive and in so doing we come to live and experience all that we wish to do so and yet find an emptiness where we have expected a fullness to last many, many lifetime. Over and over again we fall into our own trappings all the while shouting from the rooftops that we are 'free'.

There is no way out.

In battling empires we forge ahead into an 'unknown' future that which comes before us. Little do we realize that it';s all just the same old trappings of ignorance, deceit and 'holy' desires. Stepping out into the light of our own being requires something else of us which we are not yet ready for and though we are 'pushed' into acceptance, we endure so that our 'lessons' become a reality with which we must battle in endurance, strength and servitude. Sooner or later the ends justify the means. Whatever the hell that means.

Embarking on new adventure is not for everyone, I get that but treading the same path over and over in perpetuity is not something that I would wish for anyone. It doesn't make you right to be conducive to do that which had always been done1.

Perhaps in the turning all will become clear for you. If not, hang on to your hat for the ride of your life.

  1. According to who

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