Grasping The Time Away

There is no such 'thing' as time. It's a construct within which we choose to 'experience' one thing or another. Whatever. Clutching the purse like a nervous housewife we create that which we sow. We do need a place to do it all in so there it is.

Discovering the lands of opportunity we relish the idea as it becomes part of what we think is our nature. Shoving the idea into the back of the closet so that it will not escape, we relish our day dreams and shudder with delight. Standing firm means that we are moral and just does it not? The path ahead is that which we desire and so as the moaning and groaning come to light we realize that the Universe must shape it's image into our own. Are we not God's children, allowed and endowed to do such?

It doesn't matter the time, place, form or event. Upon the canvas of our dreams we sleep life after life away into the night. As the rabbit hole has no end, we take our time. We take it.

Sooner or later nothing becomes of it all and there we remain, stark naked for all to see. There are no clothes and yes, you do see me.1

  1. The 'emperor' has no clothes, but the point is being one's self as you are not what others may try to make of it. Just be. 

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