There Can Be Only One [Part II]

Man's battle within it's own self sustains and maintains the longevity of existence. The roadkeepers pave the way so that others may live. In this time of deceit the truth stands apart.

In the on-going battle of wits death becomes us. There is no getting out alive, there is only escape even if only for a short while. Sooner or later we all meet our match. The question becomes, who or what is yours?

Diving deep into our nature we discover what the mind stuffs deep in the closet of forgetfullness. That closet is never too small to hold the relics of our nature. In picking up the pieces surely we will find revelation in our footsteps. Are we not just?

Mortality helps to define the plight of existence but when we leave all that nonsense behind who is it that dumps the trash so littered upon the universe. Are we not responsible beings? Do we just 'leave' it all behind for some one or some thing else to dispose of? Surely our tracks are not of our concern as we plunge headlong into the 'unknown'.

Savoring the enemy, we find comfort in knowing that our aims are true and must. Proposing ideals is like testing the water before diving in. Fools do not rush in and yet foolish we become in embracing our beliefs. As we see, the universe is. It's quite the joke is it not? And yet we believe it all because we are it all.

There is no going home. You've already arrived, all you need do is leave the door bell alone and open the gates. In division truth and lies bounce off the walls like a captive in an insane asylum. Just leave it be.

Your existence has no dependence1.

See: There Can Be Only One

  1. I was told to tell you that. 

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