Anything Is Possible

In escaping the inescapable we find purpose and plan. Of course there is no escaping anything but it's fun trying is it not?

I am a victim of my own circumstance. Mostly people are but that is not the point. As I hide in the shadows between life and death no one notices. It's not that I have a need for attention especially since that is not my job but more along the lines of wanting to do more with what I have and yet not being given the acknowledgement to do those things. So therefore nothing happens. That is an illusion of course but here we are, in the illusionary world doing illusionary things.

The dream of being alive is a false one and yet the demonstration of the existence of a playground where agendas take root and are parleyed into a continued existence seem... moot. I am not in this wash basin for gain.

Sometimes it takes great courage to partake of a false sense of reality in order to capitulate the on-going sense of a dream time gone wrong. Yes, there is no right or 'wrong'. As all develops along it's predicted trajectory as things comes to pass. Let us regale our selves with tales of glorious battles and conquest no mere mortal man can fathom.

It's strange being within the confines of Man's imagination.1

Seeing the starlit background of our origins means little when no one is paying attention. Running around in circles, Man fails to see the daylight, or even the starlight just ahead of it's bearing.2 Time passes where there is no time and so the telling falls upon deaf ears.

It's not about the sadness of seeing the differential but more along the lines of moving along the tracks of perception where elbow room takes on a new meaning. In spreading our wings we will fly.3

As we drift upon the sands of time sooner or later it becomes realized that in the 'drifting' all becomes revealed. Sometimes, in embracing our selves with the feeling of being lost, our sense of conviction comes to the fore and reveals that which we are. The point being is that there is no 'regaining' but of playing out a destiny with which we have previously cast upon the winds of freedom of choice. There is no such thing but it's accolades cement reality.

From there anything is possible.

  1. Personal note. 

  2. Well, that is it's purpose is it not. 

  3. Not on a personal note. 

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