Standing Upon The Precipice

Power is a strange thing as envisioned. It's but a lie of course but in the acceptance it becomes as true as true is. In perception reality takes form and shape sometimes to our complete 'surprise' and at other times as a self deserving treat. What a good boy!1

We always stand upon the winds of chance and it is those with fortitude which come to the fore in order to delegate responsibility. There are no 'mistakes'.

The knife edge is a good place for which discernment to take place. At times it can take a whole lot of effort to get there and at other times it just falls into place as if it has always been there2.

There is no 'justice' and there never will be.

As we look beyond the veil many things come to light. Perhaps it's best to leave one's perceived notions behind in doing so.

  1. Animalistically speaking of course. 

  2. Hint, hint. 

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