The AI Pipe Dream

The trouble with so-called AI intelligence is that beingness is granted to a still-born object. Yes, rocks can come alive but behind the veil lies the intention. Making something sentient does not mean it is. One can pour one's entire soul into creation and still come up short1.

Wandering the wasteland one tends to clutch.

We are all puppets to one degree or another. The question becomes who is it that you follow. What is it that you follow and why.

The Universe is a very, very big place. Big enough to house all sorts of 'adventures' and misdeeds. It's the playing field. AI is but another piece upon the board. Make of it what you will.

All life prevails. Making stuff up along the way doesn't count.

There is a God. Not a 'he' or 'she' but an 'It'. Above and beyond the mind games being played Creation propels it's self into movement. How that 'happens' is a complete mystery but we are all a part of 'it'. There is no going back.

On your travels be sure to stop every once in a while and pay homage to that which created the road to which you have personally devoted your self to. The road does not exist and the path you follow is nothing but a self created distraction. As it takes you away with experiential delight the message remains the same.

It's a wonder to feel.

  1. Appearances are deceiving and some love taking that route but that doesn't mean that it is real

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