Here We Are

From whence we came so it is that we return. Though the 'circle of life and death' brings us full circle, appearances can be deceiving. We do live in the time of our need.

Encapsulating ourselves with thoughts we find ourselves removed from our place of origin and in that transgression we look for and 'find' comfort. Settling ourselves into oblivion, life goes on. And on.

Sooner or later maximum velocity is achieved and free fall is all that is left. Though our hearts and minds desire more than that which is given, reality sooner or later settles in for the long haul. Patience is anything but.

As we move upon the lands of our dreams we tend to find sustenance in that which we present to our selves. Boldly going where no Man has gone before we never tread lightly for the path we tread is quite well-worn but none other than our own past present seemingly beyond our wildest imaginings. In coming face-to-face with who and what we are we tend to run like hell hoping for the best and as we look over our shoulders there is nothing to see but our deepest fears. Treading 'lightly' gives no regard to purpose and plan.

We all wind up the same but in the 'unwinding', all happens and so here we are.

Here we are.

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