The Way Forward

We all experience that which is most appropriate to our situation. Like a baby in arms all comes to pass as it is meant1 to. We becomes defined by our 'free will'. You know, it's that cause and effect thing. You become the effect of your own 'cause'. There is no way around it, unless of course you step out of the circle of life and living and be just what you really are. Thinking that the Universe 'cares' about you is not exactly on the mark.

Difficult though it may be to take in the reality of your own reality, there it is, all in it's full glory for the taking. Looking for blame is not going to get you very far and the same self-reflection will haunt you until the day you die. Rinse and repeat.

There is no need for suffering and yet how else are we to enjoy the benefits of our own actions. Coming full circle, we tend to run like hell. Though that may be a survival technique it's value has nothing to offer and so we thank god that shoulders were invented so that we may look over them to a past best left to a spontaneous combustion dumpster fire to which we are completely innocent. It's a well-worn page from an acting script and leaves little to the imagination but one can hope.

Our lives revolve around those who surround us. No matter the relationship, paths become defined by our steps forward. There are always choices to be met as the future unfolds before our very eyes. The way forward is the way forward and from that we find what we are made of and possibly, who we really are. Eventually, it all comes to pass.

Step by step the closer we become, effort drops away. It doesn't take much imagination to realize that what has always worked is nothing but us fooling ourselves into believing some fanciful tale completely unrelated to what is.

We are what is. There is no other way to put that.

  1. Not exactly accurate but it will do for now. 

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