Having Standing

As the ancients once said, there is no going back.

Memory serves and yet it is up to us to interpret. Plainly all things happen and in this certainty all arises. And falls. Don't leave that last part out because it is a very important one. It's like waiting for the other shoe to fall and fall it will.

Clutching our pearls we cling. Doesn't matter the subject matter, clinging is a full time job and we certainly are up to the task. As we roil and toil through the universe big and small eventually we end up where we belong. Setting our sights on something different is but a fool's errand and who would be stupid enough to admit that. Out of the same mold many come to be formed. And tested.

Life isn't a classroom nor is it an experiential delight of the senses. There is so much more to what the eyes do not see, particularly our desire to take in what we wish to see and to discard the rest. The taskmaster demands such things and we are it.

As we expand our horizons that which lies before us endlessly expands as well. The road before us is paved with our good intentions and so we lead the life imagined only to abject to it's magnificence. Turning away from our selves has become a culturally accepted practice so what is the harm. Should we not do what the universe desires.

Through fame and fortune we define our plight and yet further deepen our selves during the strife and turmoil of our being. What goes up surely must come down but who would consent to such silly nonsense. Surely not the noble nor the righteous.

As we affirm our rightful place upon the altar of devotion our folly becomes self evident. None can be blamed for our actions of self deception. While the savior lies in wait we burn Rome ignoring the presence of our own salvation and continue in our frantic quest for 'enlightenment'. Fooling ourselves in perpetuity we create the road ahead so as to have a place to go. The road to Rome is filled with lost souls just begging for redemption.

If you can't beat them, why not join them and so the masses flock together in harmonious servitude.

Standing requires one to stand. Why reach for the sky when it is already in your grasp.

Be that which is your birthright.

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