Freedom In The Arms Of Slavery

Freedom co-exists with servitude. As the pendulum swings to and fro our hearts and minds follow. Ever on the move we perpetuate progress. Surely we have moved from there to there. Thank goodness space exists so that we may map out our hopes, dreams and desires. Surely it is all real.

As the Magician conjures up another showy piece of fiction the audience hangs on every movement, on every word and expression. Taking us on a ride of a lifetime we engage ourselves into belief and lose ourselves into a fantastical adventure. Why stop there.

I know, it's pretty boring to be in the moment where nothing happens and the subtlety escapes us. As a matter of fact we prefer it that way and so the Magician fills the void. What a marvelous adventure!

Standing on one's own requires a sovereignty the likes of which is rarely seen these days. In reflection we admire our passage and yet remain the pauper in currency. What stands before you is you, what's the big deal. Are you afraid of your own shadow and do you embrace the greatness. Admiration will take you to your knees.

As we walk hand-in-hand with comrades of like mind the pit happily accommodates us all. There is plenty of room at the inn.

Standing tall requires much of an individual. It's the reason why most will give it all away to fall into the background noise of indistinction. I am not here, you do not see me.

You can run but you can't hide.

Sooner or later the knock comes upon the door.

Sooner or later you will answer.

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