Waking, Wandering And Wondering

Trouble comes as is due. There are no accidents and there is no such thing as a 'coincidence'. For those who have eyes, see. The blind are encouraged to lead the blind but the ending is assured. Why follow when one can lead.

There is always an ending to the story of hope and despair. It is required. Tried and true though it may be it can never be set in stone. The future is for those who have conquered the present. In overcoming ourselves we begin to see or in other words, once the door is opened there is no going back. Even though it's all a trick anyway, reality tends to impinge upon our desires and in so doing turns the tables.

We are never alone.

Pondering outcomes can create a false sense of security as there is no certainty to the present. Reaching and stretching the imagination does little but through entertainment we sometimes find purpose and plan. Seeing can be revealing.

All arises and all falls. As the tides come and go so does conviction. We can pick either pick up where we left off or start anew. Each and every day is but one more turn of the wheel. Why not make the most of this turn. What not embrace it all and be done with it all. Piecemealing our way into oblivion takes a very long time and despite prolonging the agony eventually we all come full circle. Looking back upon our trail as we wend our way 'forward' reveals nothing but ourselves, scattered upon the winds of time and effort.

Sooner or later the 'end' arrives to greet us with open arms.

Where have you been?

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