Traveling That Long Dusty Road

Sometimes it can seem forever when we undertake a journey that we know will be fraught with perils of all types and sort. It's all part of the 'adventure' so to speak. If we were to choose a simpler, easier path our sens of adventure would as well be diminished. Learning requires one to be on the edge of their seat in more ways than one. Sitting up and paying attention, receptive to that which lies 'outside' of one's self is every teacher's dream. Are we but the teacher's pet, expecting our just rewards?

As we live, laugh and love through the experience our understanding expands.1 In conviction we remain ignorant but how do we understand that? The point of paying attention is to see, to peek behind and beyond the veil of a darkness which we have embraced in order to be 'here'. That favorite show you watch on television is the one you are fully embraced with and living now.

Is comfort an ignorance or does it rely upon the stupidity we nurture. Finding our way through our own shenanigans is always difficult because we are the one's who have created not only the script but the entire book of 'wisdom' with which we hold on to for dear life.

So the point is, just drop what you think you know. When it comes to reality there is no thinking involved. And even that reality may just be but another layer of the perpetual motion machine.

Don't go to the fair.

  1. At least it should, otherwise what's the point? Sometimes people go to the fair strictly for the Ferris wheel of joy to do the same damn thing over and over again. I don't call that joy or even living. In spinning the wheels we get nowhere all the while thinking that we are making progress. 

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