Traveling That Dusty Road

I've been here before and please, don't make me do it again. In spite of the hesitancy the job always gets done1. That doesn't mean it's an exciting thrill ride all along the roller coasters trajectory, far from it. It's all been done before and even changing the scenery, the characters or even the context makes no difference. Perhaps that's why I've lost the thrill of the ride and left it all behind long, long ago.

Staking claim to identification requires submersion and as we dive deep into the 'unknown' we are sure to find something new and interesting. I am not a diver and there are no pearls. What sees us through our purpose and plan is our sense of agreement which not only binds but solidifies the reality before us. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

How do we keep alive the flame of participation but through 'new' tricks and traps. Once agreement is reached heaven's trumpets proclaim the cry, "Let the games begin!". There is always an opposition in which to center one's attention. Focusing on the script, we leave everything else behind but the brief moments, the brief glimpses of a reality not of our own making2.

There is no escape and there will be no survivors. Solidifying a future based upon past solutions is a fool's errand. Despite the dust on your shoes there is no where to go. To win a game one must think not only as a game player but as a winner3.

Sooner or later we all come to pass.

  1. Sometimes ya gotta watch that timeframe. It can slip one way or another seemingly beyond comprehension, intention of even understanding. No matter, we have all the time in the world. 

  2. Setting the alarm clock reminds us that something needs our attention. 

  3. Losing is the merit. 

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