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The Sounds of Silence

The silence around us tells the tale. The echoes of a past thought dead and buried rise to the surface in the hopes that sunlight will bring salvation. When the pot gets stirred all sorts of things come to the surface. It's the whole point of... 01 Dec 2022

And Now...

And now everything changes. As in all things there is a time and a season. Everything has it's allotment of time in which to unfold and demonstrate it's purpose and plan at the end of which another chapter comes to the fore. Where once... 06 Oct 2022

Breaking The Vow of Silence II

Silence, in a word, is not saying diddly-squat. I've kept to that vow not because of promises made nor of consideration or contemplation but of respect. I do the bow routine quite regularly and it's something that is a part of me. Just because... 16 Feb 2017

Good Morning America!

Welcome to the new 'you', the place you call 'home' and an ever-growing conspiracy of silence. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone because if anyone ever found out anything at all, well then it would be curtains for the show. Please, go about your... 30 Mar 2016

The Power of Staying Silent

It's true, I do remain as silent as a WWII sub running deep and quiet while nearby forces lay in wait as the bride to be. After taking a wife and fulfilling the role does it mean that I have joined the human race? Where silence can be golden... 02 Oct 2013

Who Would Have It Any Other Way?

Sneaking up on ourselves we tend to pretend that we are something other than what we really are and in this pretension our foundational sense of being does not go away but becomes muted and reworked into being something completely different. As... 13 Apr 2009

We Become The Hunted

Away from the crowds of onlookers and gazers, moments of silence come to be filled will thoughts of actions. During the times of least activity, motion becomes highly regarded and when it is not being demonstrated, it is soon to come. Enraptured... 15 Dec 2001

Breaking The Vow Of Silence

Breaking the vow of Silence takes on new meaning when the power of conviction overwhelms the mind with reality. Muffled desire becomes unleashed and the chains in which we have taken solace begin to fall apart with disinterest. When we silence... 02 Dec 2001

Glass Apparent

:-( I shudder into silence.When I look in the mirrorI see the blackest of blackand am amazed at it's depth.And when I look againI see compassion in full dress.There in the mirror before melies my future.Stepping... 17 Aug 2001

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