Good Morning America!

Welcome to the new 'you', the place you call 'home' and an ever-growing conspiracy of silence. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone because if anyone ever found out anything at all, well then it would be curtains for the show. Please, go about your business as usual checking to make sure that your daddy is right there just over your shoulders. No, not that shoulder, the other one.

Sleeping babes in toyland upon waking find comfort in food, fun and interacting with the spacial environment. Nothing like a little bumping into things here and there just for the fun of it. But you had better be 'good' or else the tooth fairy will come stealthily in the night and rip your heart out. Yeah, the smile and the smoking gun make good bedfellows - especially amidst all this gender confusion and moral ineptitude.

Didn't you know that morals is what lies beaten and bleeding on the battlefield and that the medic is absolutely nowhere to be found. Oh wait, did anyone check the movie theater or perhaps the living room couch? There must be some hope, right?

Remember that little jingle, "...and away go troubles down the drain...". It must feel very strange to watch the mass of humanity take the short route but don't worry we are all in good company, right?

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