In Motion, No Commotion

A mind not in motion creates commotion.

I'm gonna sell this.

If you do not busy your mind with thoughts, ideas and concepts what then? Will you not lack will and testament to your natural birth-right? If Man cannot reason would there be no separation between Man and Beast? Is this not what makes us human - to think, and when that capacity is taken away what then are we left with? The answer is of course, nothing. No thoughts, no dreams, no desires. We would become nothing but an empty shell living out our days without purpose or plan, wandering in the desert alone and lonely. Of what use is it to contemplate our nature when there is life to be lived! Are we not here to take it by the horns and ride it like never before!

It seems ridiculous for some people to make such an uproar over denying our right to embrace every facet of our hopes, dreams and desires. If god did not provide these vehicles what then are we to do, sit in a corner sucking our thumbs all day long? Becoming lazy in our thoughts leads to nothing but a lack of respect and honor for those that have provided the means for making our lives easier, happier and enriching the life experience of not just ourselves, but of everyone. What greater measure is there of a person than the amount of peace, prosperity and joy that is brought to each and every one of us through our god-given gift of thought-full-ness. How can anyone turn their back on the gifts of modern wonder, of modern technology, of providing care and concern to each and every citizen of our great planet.

Yes, we are asked to assist those who spearhead these great tasks by providing a portion of our hard-earned income so that we may all benefit but who would dare to think that not doing so is of greater importance? Are we not all equal?

No one is forcing you to think one way, to be schooled in particular ideologies or even to assist charitable enterprises. No, that would run contrary to any thoughtful, kind or considerate opinion. You are free to create your own reality within the bounds of a common core, a common understanding of what we must all do in order to live a free and prosper life together. Life enriches and nourishes us, and by and through participation we as a community of human beings can not only survive but become prosperous to a future we can all take part in excluding no one. Excluding no one.

One can choose to live in a cave, alone and lost in one's own thoughts or one can choose to be among the living and breathing part of humanity where the family of ideology lives, works and enjoys the fruits of their own labor. By being part of that ideology you are assured a place in the universe where you and your loved ones matter.

Who in their right mind wouldn't want that?1

  1. Did you buy into it? Maybe just a little bit? 

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