Old Time Pickle Barrel Game Show

Digging down to the truth of the matter sometimes leaves you with hitting the bottom of the barrel. I mean, there's just no where else to go because the bottom of the barrel is, well, the bottom. That's it. Going beyond that is like entering a whole 'nother dimension which can sometimes be a good thing but most times it's quite inappropriate, unconnected and has nothing to do with anything other than one's own torment. Beyond that there is no recourse.

Anyway, upon reaching the sludge, gunk and left-over animal parts, when one is right there in the middle of the worst part... what then? Do you take door number one and claw yourself all the way up to the top of the barrel, sparing no expense for the Tier 1 position? Or do you take door number two and become the Sewer King preening yourself before the masses as if you meant anything at all - especially to the other filthy swine on bended knee before you, which you just so happen to deserve whole-heartedly.

But what about door number three? You might have heard about that one, where one takes stock of one's surroundings and in comparison weighs and balances their own reality, and of others, accordingly. Wouldn't that be a strange and unusual thing to do while scraping bottom, to take a bite out of time and use it to it's full measure?

Absurdity comes to those who shut themselves in their own closet, hiding among one's most prized possessions of life, living and the goddess of remembrance. Lost in the darkness of one's own dreams how does one live a life graced by the force of nature? Your own nature provides, so conjuring a snake charmer in order to 'enhance' a reality which doesn't even exist seems not just silly but something that has become an 'accepted' fact here at the bottom of the barrel where all the supposed 'action' is taking place.

Out of all the choices one makes and creates why is it that the number of doors always seem limited, narrow and constraining in their projection?

Do you really think that the choices you make are only limited to the information you receive?

Put into perspective, do you really think that while swimming with the fishes, gathering into schools for 'protection' all the while scraping bottom with no where else to go, that this is it?

You are no more a fish in a barrel than I am a nobody.

But go ahead and try to convince me otherwise.

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